Air and water charge pipes – Hydrogen Fuel Cell pipes – Hydrualic pipes


The factory, as well as the entire ATEX headquarters, is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe. We have over 10,000 m2 of production space with a further 47,000 m2 of space for future development. Social and office premises, including design offices, occupy over 1,800 m2.

Since 2007, we have been operating on the basis of the ERP/MRP system, thanks to which we have increased efficiency in many areas, including warehouse management, logistics, production, sales and accounting. This, in turn, allows us to be even more competitive and offer attractive terms to customers.

We have a modern machine park in which production machines of strategic importance are less than five years old and are controlled with the use of CNC. An extensive machinery park, operated by highly experienced specialists, allows us to work effectively and precisely, which is reflected in the numbers.

Over the course of fewer than two years, ATEX has produced as many as 1,740 different types of products in an impressive number of 147,114 pieces, including:

  • 1285 types of pipes in the amount of 144 112 pieces,
  • 292 types of insulated pipes in the amount of 26,231 pieces,
  • 316 types of exhaust mufflers in the amount of 32,168 pieces,

Interestingly, in order to meet customer requirements, we have designed and manufactured about 1,100 devices specifically tailored to their needs, and we used more than 200 kilometres of materials to manufacture the pipes themselves in less than two years.

The modern and spacious factory allows us to carry out an average of 2,000 projects simultaneously in the production hall.

As we strive for excellence in every detail, we performed 13,264 cross-operational checks during the reporting period, which means that virtually every process and step is subject to strict supervision and control.

An extensive machine park operated by experienced specialists allows us to work in non-standard areas, make prototypes, including the most complex and demanding elements. It is important to note that every prototype comes with PPAP Level 2 as standard – no additional cost.

The advantageous location of the ATEX factory is also very important – only 15 km from the A4 motorway and 30 minutes from the airport in Wrocław.