Full product control allows us to guarantee the highest quality every time.
It consists of processes aimed at checking the condition and quality of the supplied materials and manufactured products. This happens at every stage of production and ensures that the product matches the order.

Controls and inspections at ATEX are carried out in accordance with international quality control standards. In addition, we carry out inspections in accordance with the requirements and criteria of the client, using our own knowledge and experience in the field.
We provide a full range of inspection services on our own at every stage of production.

Quality control stages

Before launching the production:

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI: Pre Production Inspection)
The inspection is carried out prior to the start of the production process and includes the inspection of materials and semi-finished products delivered to ATEX from external suppliers that will be used during the execution of production orders. This ensures that the supplied components comply with the requirements and guidelines specified in the customer’s requirements.
During the inspection phase, ATEX use the SPECTRO xSORT compact X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to check the composition of materials – a portable instrument for the analysis and sorting of metals.

At the beginning of the production process:

First Article Inspection (FAI: First Article Inspection).
Inspection of the first manufactured products and materials used to fulfil the order is carried out when 1% to 10% of the products from the order are ready. This allows any corrective actions to be taken as early as possible.
This is one of the top ATEX inspections.
Awareness of the situation at the early stages of the production process allows you to properly control and organize the production plan, avoiding any obstacles.

During the production process:

During Production Inspection (DIP: During Production Inspection)
Inspection is carried out when 20-50% of the product is ready, which allows for possible corrective action during batch production. The following list presents technological operations included in it:
⦁ Leak tests (if required),
⦁ Visual inspections of VT (1-2) welds,
⦁ Testing the cleanliness of the surface of products before varnishing them,
⦁ Measurements of semi-finished and finished products – are carried out by employees using basic measuring tools (manual measurements)
⦁ Measurements carried out using the six-axis Faro Platinum Arm
The coordinate measuring arm allows highly accurate 3D measurements where traditional methods do not work.
Faro Arm provides control – comparing features to CAD models, including geometric measurements of both small features and large parts with complex dimensions and tolerances.
Thanks to its mobility, the hand is ideal for situations where precise measurements are required directly on the machine (during production).
It also allows the measurement of large items, which are impractical, unprofitable or impossible to transport to a stationary measuring machine.
With the ability to power the entire set from a battery, it is ideal for use in places where access to electricity is difficult.

Features of the Faro arm:
Measuring range: 1200 mm
Accuracy: 0.020 mm
Intelligent touch technology: alerts you to factors that can reduce performance.
Internal counterweight mechanism: comfortable, fatigue-free operation
Temperature sensors: allow the hand to respond to temperature changes for maximum mobility and accuracy.

At the end of the production process:

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI: Pre-Shipment Inspection)
Performed as standard when 100% of the order is ready. It allows you to check the compliance of the product with the order.
During this inspection, we perform all possible product tests on-site:

⦁ visual inspections of all performed VT (1-2) welds,
⦁ product cleanliness inspections (Glooser / Filtrex),
⦁ testing the thickness of the painted coating,
⦁ testing the adhesion of the painted coating
⦁ product appearance,
⦁ the quality of its performance,
⦁ functionality,
⦁ quantity,
⦁ assembly of additional components (clamps)
⦁ colour/dimensions/weight,
⦁ labels, marking,
⦁ packaging.

ATEX has a state-of-the-art laboratory that enables all necessary measurements and inspection activities to be carried out extremely accurately.

Equipment of the ATEX 3D measurement room:

  1. Six-axis measuring arm from FARO,
  2. GO-NO GO instruments,
  3. Endoscope for examining the interior of products,
  4. Coating thickness tester,
  5. Noise analyser,
  6. Infrared thermometer used in performance tests,
  7. Equipment for paint cross-cut tests,
  8. Calipers, tape measures, production gauges, etc,
  9. Equipment for leakage testing.

All quality entries from production are managed through the ERP/MRPII system. Each finished product is marked with an individual batch number, so that in the event of a complaint it is possible to identify a quality problem at any stage of production. This allows action to be taken to prevent the error from recurring.

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